Would you like to clear UPSC Prelims 2019 ?

Discover how you could clear UPSC Prelims 2019 which would give you an opportunity to clear mains and hopefully even Interview to get to the dream career you are aspiring for. IAS is a dream of many and getting selected to the coveted service is a tough task. Only proper planning, revision and periodic tests for assessment of progress could ensure your success which is just .02% of total applicants...

Sahaya IAS has come up with a radical approach to simplify the preparation of UPSC prelims by the much acclaimed Conquer Prelims test Series. You might be thinking there are so many other institutes in the market who are offering the test series for prelims, Yes there are but we are better because we are more structured and organised in our test schedule giving you ample time for revision while covering a whole range of topics which will be much more focussed than your and our competitors.

You may also be thinking this is my first attempt do I have the time to take this test series, UPSC is in desperate need for young officers and we assure you if you follow the schedule getting to your dream job is a lot easier than you think it is.

You could also ask us I’m in my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or even last attempt and still not able to clear prelims what can you do about it, well we will say hats off to your dedication and that the country needs your service. Rest assured as we share the passion, perseverance and persistence you have shown and adding to that the vast experience pool of resource persons who have conquered prelims last ten consecutive years.

Let’s look into the problems you might be facing with existing options

Very limited options of Proper online / offline test series and in most cases it’s not AFFORDABLE.

It is not structured, Even if its structured it’s not comprehensive i.e. wont give you SENSE OF COMPLETION.

Not focussed syllabus for individual tests, the syllabus is divided to the whims and wishes of individuals reducing efficiency of study and hurts CONFIDENCE which is very important in this exam.

In order to claim 100 questions in prelims many resolve to including even trivial issues as test questions changing the ORIENTATION of an aspirant and ultimately hurting INTEGRATED MAINS EXAM preparation.

The most important of all UPSC, it’s a great LEVELLER as most of the times it changes the TREND of questions nullifying the advantage of ACCESS.

Here is what SAHAYA IAS gives you

Focussed on VALUE ADDITION to your preparation by being AFFORDABLE.

A SENSE OF COMPLETION with our structured tests.

Continues practice will certainly boost your CONFIDENCE.

Will guarantee 70% of questions without hurting your ORIENTATION which should be more focussed towards MAINS EXAM.

As you have understood your goal could be made more achievable with Conquer Prelims Test Series from SAHAYA IAS there are 3 options to consider now

Continue doing what you are doing by joining any test series available, but you would not have read this if you wanted that: you are here because you want to clear prelims and be closer to becoming an IAS This attempt

You could study on your own, yes it is possible but the opportunity cost in UPSC exam is 1 year. Why learn from own errors and lose time when you could understand the pitfalls with practice at SAHAYA IAS and be more proactive with counter measures

Enroll to Conquer Prelims Test Series at SAHAYA IAS, one solution to all your problems.


999 For Prelims 2019


  • 12 Practice tests on 6 core subjects of GS
  • 6 Practice tests based on current affairs
  • 6 Practice tests based on current UPSC Pattern
  • 2 Topic wise Practice tests for Paper 2
  • Valid till: 03/06/2019
Admission closed